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Why there are 10 days of manual work in every SICOBA

31.08.2021 | SICOBA

Our claim at SICOBA is to produce backpacks that will give you pleasure for many years. So that we succeed, we are really “picky” in the manufacturing process. Every single SICOBA takes 10 days of manual work. Here we explain step by step what happens in our production facility in Japan.

SICOBA stands for handmade, not for fast and cheaply produced mass goods. The brand embodies sustainability, high-tech materials and craftsmanship, which of course also has its price. Because if 10 whole days of work go into a backpack, we naturally want to pay our employees fairly for 10 days of work.

10 days Japanese craftsmanship

That’s right: It takes ten whole days from raw material to finished backpack to guarantee you a carefully handcrafted one-of-a-kind piece with every SICOBA.

What exactly happens during this time, you can find out here.

Day 1

First, our high-quality, vegan Clarino™ leather is carefully cut into matching individual parts. Even in this very first step of processing, we work with the highest precision. In the end, your SICOBA is assembled by hand from over 200 individual parts. This is how we guarantee impeccable quality down to the smallest detail for each of our backpacks.

Day 2

Day two of the manufacturing process is now all about “edge coating”, i.e. the treatment of the leather edges created during cutting. A special coating agent is applied to the cross-section of the leather. This has the purpose of sealing it and making it resistant. At SICOBA, this step is also carefully handcrafted by our experienced artisans.

Day 3 to 6

On days three to six, we produce the shaping, larger components of the SICOBA. This includes the shoulder straps, the front and side pockets, the carrying handle and the back.

Day 7 and 8 

On day seven and eight, things get serious. Now all previous production steps are brought into harmony with each other and the complete backpack is created. For this purpose, the previously produced individual elements are assembled and meticulously sewn together. To guarantee the best possible quality, we use special sewing machines for this. At the end of the two days, we hold the “almost” finished SICOBA in our hands for the first time.

Day 9 

We say “almost” because on day nine the finish of the backpack is still to come. Last seams are set and final detail work is done. But that’s still not the end of the story.

Day 10 

Every single SICOBA is subjected to a thorough quality inspection after ten days of manual work, virtually as the final conclusion of production. If we detect even the smallest deviations from our quality standard, the backpack is returned to the manufacturing process and reworked in the appropriate places. This way, our customers can be sure that only backpacks of impeccable quality are delivered.

Bottom line

Every single SICOBA backpack that we send home to you from our factory in Japan takes at least 10 days of demanding craftsmanship. So you can look forward to a business backpack that was manufactured with an incredible amount of attention to detail and according to the highest quality standards. And it’s ready to be your loyal companion for many years to come.

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