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A backpack that lets you be yourself even more


06.09.2021 | SICOBA

There are worlds between mainstream and you. You fit SICOBA – because as individual as you are, your utensils and accessories have to be, too.

Float with the current? That’s out of the question for you. You are characterized by your individuality, and you are proud of it. You are not afraid to speak your mind and always remain true to your views. Many people around you admire you for this quality.

Your closet is as individual as you are. Whether colorful or classically simple – you know how to combine your wardrobe perfectly. It’s easy for you to give every outfit a personal touch through your creativity and sense of style. In doing so, you focus on special accents that round off your look perfectly. You only wear what you can identify with 100%. And it doesn’t always have to be extravagant. You also feel good in outfits that are comfortable, simple, but still always stylish.

A backpack as individual as you

SICOBA is as individual as you are, and much more than just a backpack. Look forward to an exclusive product made in Japan, which has been finely handcrafted for you from the high-tech material Clarino™ leather. Each of the more than 200 individual parts that go into a SICOBA has been crafted with attention to detail. Put together in a ten-day manufacturing process, the result is a product with a unique selling proposition.

SICOBA is a business backpack for all who love it individual and exclusive. Its puristic design makes it an eye-catcher with understatement. Depending on which tone you choose from the large color palette, it will meet your taste and style exactly. Practical gadgets – such as a removable interior, a separate smartphone case and an additional bottle holder – give you the opportunity to adapt your SICOBA to your needs and routines. Whether in the office, co-working space or home office: SICOBA is your very own personal organizer for everyday work.

You want a backpack that fits your unique personality and makes you stand out from the crowd? You want to set trends instead of imitating them? Then you’re doing everything right with a SICOBA.

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