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A guide to Minimalism, Purism & SICOBA


31.08.2021 | Laura Pomer

Backpacks from SICOBA stand for minimalism and a purist design. But what does that actually mean? And how does minimalism differ from purism? Find out here.

Minimalism and SICOBA, their connection needs to be explained in more detail. Because the term stands for much more than a backpack, of course. Minimalism describes a philosophy of life. To escape from a world that is characterized by consumption and to focus on the essential things that you actually need – this is the basic concept that minimalists live by.

The original idea of minimalism is many centuries old and has its roots in Zen Buddhism. Its teachings state that it is desirable to accumulate little or no possessions.

Minimalist design made in Japan can be recognized by its clear lines. In terms of design language and color, the motto is “less is more”, whereby there should be no limits to functionality. Just like with our backpacks from SICOBA.

Minimalism requires awareness

In order to be able to distinguish ballast from the essential, it is absolutely necessary to be in a state that is typical for any minimalist approach: awareness.

Only when I become aware of what is truly essential for a prosperous future, can I begin to separate myself from the rest.

Awareness goes hand in hand with patience and attention to detail. This is exactly what the artisans of SICOBA and SEIBAN stand for. With great care, they consciously process sustainable materials in a 10-day manufacturing process to create a backpack. Keyword sustainability.

No minimalism without sustainability

Another important concept in Japanese minimalism is “long life design”. It means that products are designed and manufactured to have a particularly long service life. The made in Japan seal has therefore become a symbol of the highest quality standards in the manufacturing process.

SICOBA lives this principle. On the one hand, the backpack is made from sustainable materials, first and foremost the vegan Clarino™ leather. On the other hand, every step of the manufacturing process is subject to strict quality criteria. All finished backpacks undergo another thorough inspection before shipping. That’s why SICOBA is a product that will give you years of pleasure and with which you can make a real statement in terms of sustainability.

Without minimalism there would be no purism

Purism is often mentioned in the same breath as minimalism. However, the two attitudes can be distinguished from each other, even if they have some similarities.

Minimalism stands for a fundamental attitude towards life. This can concern the furnishing of your home as well as a (sustainable) choice of your clothes, food and cosmetics.

Purism is also about limiting oneself to what is necessary. But it is more of a design concept and therefore comes into play concretely in the design language of objects, furniture and clothing. One can also express their relationship in this way: Minimalism forms the framework in which purism can manifest itself.

The focus in purism is on simplicity, classic colors and symmetrical and clear shapes. Backpacks from SICOBA are typically purist, because:

  • The SI in SICOBA stands for “simple”.
  • We do not rely on gaudy, but set colors.
  • Our backpacks are Randoseru with straight shapes.

Minimalism as a competition

Yes, minimalism is about making room for the essential things in life. Our advise: Don’t compare yourself to others, because minimalism is not a competition. Be mindful of yourself and feel the things in your life where letting go feels right.

Our backpack can be a start for you to reorganize that you want to bring minimalism (and SICOBA) into your life. Be inspired by its puristic design and high functionality at the same time. SICOBA is a business backpack that offers you everything you need – not more, but definitely not less.

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