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simple comfortable backpack


Each SICOBA is an
exclusive unique piece

All our backpacks consist of over 200 individual parts. They are assembled by hand in a manufacturing process that takes at least 10 days. This makes each SICOBA an exclusive and unique piece.

10 days of careful handwork

SICOBA is not a quickly produced mass product, SICOBA stands for sustainable SIow Fashion. Each of our backpacks consists of over 200 individual parts, which only the most experienced artisans and sewers can assemble into an exclusive one-of-a-kind piece in 10 working days.

Traditional craftsmanship

Our vegan Clarino™ leather is cut to millimeter precision into over 200 individual parts. All leather edges are carefully hand-sealed with a special synthetic resin (“edge coating”). The shaping components are then manufactured and the many individual elements are joined together to form the finished backpack. In addition to special hand-operated machines, our sewers rely on traditional sewing and folding techniques (such as “Kikuyose”).

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