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SICOBA does not use animal leather and relies on a vegan alternative instead: Clarino™ leather. And not just for animal welfare. Because Clarino™ is a genuine high-end material made in Japan. It not only looks like natural leather, it is even superior to it in terms of its properties.

Better than natural leather

Unlike animal leather, Clarino™ is water-repellent, breathable and scratch-resistant. Another advantage becomes clear as soon as you lift a SICOBA backpack. It weighs much less. Your back will thank you!

Better than leatherette

Clarino™ also beats conventional leatherette hands down. Why? Because it consists of not one, but three layers. These make the material more robust and ensure the perfect leather look and feel! What’s more, we don’t use PVC, as it provides a superficial leather texture at best.

Free from chemicals

But Clarino™ leather scores points not only for its texture. It is also sustainable – starting with its production. The magic word is Tirrenina – the world’s first water-based microfiber, whose production completely dispenses with environmentally harmful additives and chemicals such as chloride.


Thanks to the extra-fine structures of Tirrenina microfiber, Clarino™ leather can be treated and refined using traditional leather tanning finishing methods. This creates a unique surface structure that can be perfectly processed. It can be perforated, embossed and dyed in almost any color.

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