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How SICOBA benefits from over 100 years of know-how

01.09.2021 | Laura Pomer

SICOBA is new – but it has a long tradition. The brand belongs to the bag company SEIBAN, which has been producing high-quality, handmade backpacks since 1919. Find out here how SICOBA benefits from this.

SEIBAN – family business in the fourth generation

The SEIBAN company was founded in 1919 by Zumi Kamekichi in Osaka, Japan. In 1946, the first own manufacture for backpacks opened in Morutso, Japan. Since then – and now in the fourth generation – SEIBAN is firmly in family hands.

In 2011, Takaaki Izumi took over the management and has been driving the internationalization of SEIBAN ever since. Without him, we are sure, there would be no SICOBA backpacks in Germany today.

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist SEIBAN_Murotsu-factory-1955_s-昭和30年代室津工場-1024x750.jpg

SICOBA – new brand, traditional “Randoseru”

You see it on every corner in Japan – even though it costs the equivalent of 700 euros. We’re talking about the “Randoseru” (or “Randsel”), the school backpack most often worn by Japanese elementary school children. In the meantime, it has become much more than just a practical satchel. Randoseru has become a piece of pop culture, the symbol of a carefree and traditional childhood. It sounds corny, but that’s how it is.

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Typical for a Randoseru is its extreme robustness. And this has tradition – long tradition. The randoseru is even older than the SEIBAN, dating back to the 19th century. At that time, Japan was strongly oriented towards Europe in military terms. Not only was conscription copied, but also the backpacks worn by Dutch and Prussian soldiers. Over the next few decades, the backpack conquered all of Japan, has been a must-have piece for every elementary school student since the 1960s, and remains an integral part of the national identity to this day.

Virtually every elementary school child proudly wears their Randoseru, and one in three of them wears a SEIBAN. And we want to tell you something: In every SICOBA backpack there is 100% of this tradition, this built-in Japan-DNA, because it is a classic Randoseru in its shape. Just for the German market and for adult customers.

Market leader thanks to quality and wearing comfort

SEIBAN is number one on the school backpack market in Japan – also thanks to its unique carrying comfort. In addition to the feather-light materials used, this is mainly due to their ergonomic, back-friendly design. This should come as no surprise, after all SEIBAN has been manufacturing backpacks for elementary school children for decades and therefore knows perfectly well about the needs of a growing child’s back.

Also responsible for the carrying experience is the vegan Clarino™ leather used (also made in Japan, of course). This convinces besides its robustness by its low weight, especially compared to backpacks made of animal leather.

And of course, all SEIBAN advantages are also found in every SICOBA backpack.

Want to learn more about why SICOBA is so good for your back health? We have written it down for you here.

Bottom line: This is how SICOBA benefits from SEIBAN’s tradition and know-how

The SICOBA brand may be new. But that does not mean that it can not be traditional. Because all the technical and craftsmanship know-how and the entire corporate history of over 100 years SEIBAN are of course also in all backpacks from SICOBA.

SICOBA, like its parent company SEIBAN, stands for the following:

  1. 100% Randoseru:
    SICOBA backpacks are more than just “normal” backpacks:
    They are true randoseru, harking back to an age-old firm constant in Japanese fashion.
  2. Exclusive craftsmanship:
    The same artisans who have been making SEIBAN backpacks for decades are also at work for the SICOBA brand. Technically particularly demanding sewing and folding techniques (such as “Kikuyose”) are part of their “standard repertoire” and make each SICOBA a unique piece.
  3. Back friendly design:
    What successfully prevents postural defects in the little ones can now also keep adult backs healthy. SICOBA has of course “copied” the best features of the SEIBAN Traditionstornister.
  4. Use of Clarino™ leather:
    Instead of relying on animal leather, which weighs significantly more and can raise moral concerns, we use only Clarino™, a particularly scratch- and water-resistant vegan high-tech leather made in Japan.

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