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Ergonomic benefits

Orthopedist: “That’s why SICOBA is good for your back”

Mann im Business-Outfit trägt SICOBA-Rucksack

31.08.2021 | Laura Pomer

A backpack is back-friendlier than a briefcase, and if it’s a SICOBA, the back is even better off. This has to do with the manufacturer’s more than 100 years of bag expertise. And: with the particularly ergonomic shoulder straps, as an orthopedist explains to us.

Briefcases have proven themselves in the working world for a reason: They fit super into a serious business look and important documents can be well organized in it as well as transported crease-proof. Let me tell you in advance: A SICOBA does all that just as well and is easy on the back, too.

There is a catch with briefcases: Carrying one automatically causes one-sided strain on the cervical spine. In the worst case, this can lead to a slipped disc, but the least evil would be “only” back pain in the long run.

A backpack is therefore better. Here, two straps ensure that the weight is distributed over both shoulders and thus reduced by half per side. Unfortunately, however, discomfort can still occur in the upper as well as lower back, especially if the straps are rather narrow. Different: with a SICOBA. The back benefits from this in particular.

SICOBA is easy on the back thanks to wide shoulder straps

Fans of practical briefcases will quickly fall for SICOBA. The sturdy backpack can be perfectly organized like a mobile home office, and it can also keep up with the angular bag classic in terms of “slick business look”.

What makes SICOBA backpacks particularly gentle on the back, however, are the extra-wide shoulder straps of the business backpack. These are immediately noticeable to the wearer with a comfortable wearing sensation and bring yet another advantage, as confirmed to us by the Frankfurt orthopedist Dr. med. Janusz Pomer.

SICOBA expertise does not come by chance

As a subsidiary of the traditional company SEIBAN, SICOBA benefits from its more than 100 years of expertise. This lies in the manufacture of school satchels with exceptionally back-friendly properties. In this way, SEIBAN solves a major problem in childhood: school books and exercise books add up to a lot of weight in the satchel, and the still growing musculoskeletal system is particularly susceptible to undesirable developments.

To make it as easy as possible for school children, the wide shoulder straps of SEIBAN satchels are extra reinforced. This allows them to adapt well to the back. No uneven strain, no pull – that’s pulling! That’s why almost every third elementary school child in Japan wears a satchel from SEIBAN.

What successfully prevents posture problems in little ones can now also keep adult backs healthy. SICOBA has copied the best features of the traditional stornister.

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