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Puristic in design, great in function – your ideal backpack


06.09.2021 | SICOBA

You want it to be practical and functional – and look good at the same time. In a nutshell: SICOBA.

You like to keep track of things. You are structured, and when you tackle a project, you always have a plan behind it. You can always be relied on. At the same time, everything you do should always bring added value.

Your values are also reflected in your look. You focus on practical elegance: elegant and always functional. Dressed appropriately in every situation, that is one of your great strengths.

When you decide on a product, it has to convince you with one thing above all: its functionality. Gimmicks are not important to you. You want an authentic, honest product that delivers what it promises. It is important to you that it meets your needs in everyday work. SICOBA does exactly that.

The noble business backpack combines minimalist design and maximum functionality. It is robust and yet particularly light, so SICOBA is easy on your back. Its well thought-out layout makes it surprisingly spacious; and practical additional gadgets – such as a smartphone case and water bottle holder – provide the storage for the extras you need.

SICOBA can also convince with its unique material quality. It is made of vegan Clarino™ leather, a high-tech material that is manufactured in a multi-stage process that is particularly water- and CO2-saving. Thanks to its special three-layer structure, Clarino™ is moisture- and dirt-repellent, scratch-resistant and extremely durable. So you can enjoy the purchase of a SICOBA for a long time.

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“Made in Japan”. At SICOBA, this means the highest quality standards that extend throughout the entire production process: from the selection of materials and careful hand processing to the final check of the finished backpack.

Our claim is to keep the promise to our customers: to provide them with a product that offers unique quality paired with the highest functionality. If you are not 100 percent satisfied, you can return your SICOBA free of charge. But honestly, we don’t think it will come to that.

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